Can permanently and instantly remove fat cell deposits through a painless, procedure using a proven sound wave technology.
A focused ultrasound beam is directed towards a specific area within the fat layer. The ultrasound wave breaks down the membranes of the fat cell. Since the effect is focused to a specific depth, overlaying skin, organs and tissues are left unaffected and the broken down fat is metabolized out of the body.

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Ultrasound disrupts fat cells by breaking down the cell membranes and causing the release of triglycerides from the cells. A great portion of these triglycerides are broken into free fatty acids. These free fatty acids released during the treatment, will eventually be delivered to the liver. In the liver, there is no distinction between fatty acids that originate from the disrupted adipocytes from cavitation, or those released due to physiological needs of those originating from a meal consumed several hours ago. In other words, free fatty acids released from the ultrasound treated fat cell are being processed in normal pathways that nature has evolved for the transport of fat out of the body.